3 Best Security Cameras that send Text Messages

The last thing you want is to come home and find out your house was broken into. Luckily, security cameras can be installed to keep watch over the house and keep you informed of what is happening.

When the security camera detects an unexpected presence, it sends a text message to your phone to let you know what is happening.

For instance, if an intruder is detected, the security camera sends you a message about the location and picture of the intruder. You will be able to recognize if the person is a family member or not.

You can then call the police and make a quick exit from the house.

How about a security camera that notifies your phone when they detect an unusual movement in your property?

It may interest you to know that home security cameras send text messages or push notifications directly to your phone even when you are far from home.

Sometimes, you want to know that your home is safe while you’re away from home. This is where a home security camera that sends text messages can be a lifesaver. There are a lot of different home security cameras on the market today. It’s hard to know which one to choose.

Wireless home security cameras protect your home and family.

Not only are these cameras t under your control, but accessible from virtually anywhere, giving you a stress-free connection to your systems and properties that other systems cannot provide.

With a security camera with email and text messaging abilities, you can take access to the security and protection of your home to the next level by alerting you on a predetermined schedule or when there is an alerting problem of which you are aware must be.

Whether you want to receive a photo with a text message when your kids get home from school or an email notification when the door is opened, or the security system is turned off, email and text notifications will keep you in touch by sending your home security status to your device.

3 Best Home Security Camera that sends Text Messages

Suppose you’ve been thinking about getting a security camera but have been put off by the high cost of professionally installed cameras. In that case, the good news is that some great DIY options are now available.

1. Google Nest Cam Outdoor

If you want a security camera that monitors your home and sends text alerts flawlessly, consider the Google Nest Cam.

Behind the Nest thermostat, Google’s smart home company has unveiled an outdoor version of its popular indoor security camera.

This outdoor camera is weatherproof and battery-free, meaning it plugs into power, so you don’t have to worry about dead batteries. In addition, unlike your average motion detection camera, the Nest Cam knows when it’s looking at a person and not the neighbor’s cat, thanks to special software developed in partnership with Google.

It can even send the user a text message alerting them to a person’s presence.

The device, mounted on a magnetic disk, promises a simple, straightforward installation with 24/7 live feed and continuous recording.

It also records everything it hears and sees and stores 1080p HD videos and recordings in the cloud for up to a month.

The device also has a speaker and two-way microphone, so you can tell burglars to go away or ask the delivery person to leave a package at the door.

2.Β Google Nest cam indoor

Google Nest also makes cameras less powerful than IQ premium models but still excellent and has the same brilliant operating system. However, the more expensive models lack advanced camera sensors and face recognition options.

Still, it’s smart enough to tell the difference between a movement and a person.

For example (this and other features require a Nest-aware subscription – without a subscription, you can only see the last three hours of activity in the app).

It also has a microphone that can pick up sounds like breaking glass. The magnetic base makes the camera versatile for indoor use, and installation is just as easy as other models.

For example, the Nest cam IQ indoor can send you a message telling you who has just arrived at the house if it detects them.

This is less alarming than a message that says, for example, “intruder detected in the hallway.” However, expect to pay a subscription for additional features like this.

3. Netatmo smart indoor security Camera

This is one of the most beautiful indoor security cameras with text notifications: a small column of gold aluminum with an elegant design.

It comes with a separate siren – you can also add additional sensors to make this a full security system.

Unlike some cameras, there are no ongoing charges for Netatmo. You can save footage to the included memory card or save videos online if you have a personal Dropbox, for example.

It not only alerts you if an intruder is detected (the siren is loud at 110 decibels) but can also use the facial recognition function to send you a message when the children come home from, for example, school.

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9 Benefits of security camera that notifies your phone

These are the few out of many advantages of home security cameras with text message and email notifications as a homeowner.

  1. Easy to set up alerts to be sent from any part of the house
  2. Programmable automated messages to control daily schedules
  3. Email or text photo images or video
  4. Accessible from almost anywhere in the world on your web device
  5. Peace of mind knowing you have 24/7 access coming to you
  6. Great for homeowners who are away from home for most of the day
  7. A good device for frequent travelers
  8. Homeowners who want to track arrivals and departures of children, housekeepers, elderly relatives
  9. Large homes and those with remote structures like a garage or workshop

Security cameras with notifications (text messages) are better when compared with CCTV security camera email notifications that may be spammed or blocked.

There are a lot of different home security cameras on the market today.

However, these are the top home security cameras that can alert your phone through text messages or push notifications.

Wrapping up

Once you have installed a home security camera that sends text messages, there are no limits to what you can do with it.

You can use it to monitor your own home when you’re away, keep an eye on the kids when they’re home alone, or check in while you’re on vacation.

Fear of crime is on the rise, and surveillance cameras are one way for people to feel safer in their own homes.