10 Best Smart Safety Devices for Seniors [2024]

Because of technological advances, the elderly no longer have to worry about being alone at home.

Smart devices, for example, make it possible for the elderly to carry out simple activities without getting up from their chair and improve their quality of life.

In addition, technological advancements have made it feasible for loved ones or caretakers to keep an eye on the well-being of the elderly from a distance.

According to AARP’s latest data, up to 87% of the elderly choose to stay at home rather than go into a care facility. Many elderly individuals, however, find it difficult to cope when left alone at home. As a result of smart safety gadgets, seniors are now able to perform simple chores without having to worry about being disturbed or having to move about.

So, whether you want to make your mother or grandmother’s life easier or just give them a beautiful present, we’ve got you covered.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the top senior safety gadgets now on the market.

1.  Best Door Stop Alarm for the Elderly – GE SH50246

The elderly require comfort.

They are not required to get up from their seats every time someone knocks on the door. If you’re looking for high-quality and dependable door alarms, the GE SH50246 Door Stop Alarm is one of the best smart-home devices you can rely on.

This GE SH50246 Door Stop Alarm is extremely easy to use and will never be a problem for the elderly.

The alarm is powered by a single 9-volt battery and features a warning light that illuminates when the power is low. It is lightweight and has an on/off switch button.

It is a wireless gadget that is simple to set up and operate. Because of its compact design and tiny size, it can be used anywhere.

Furthermore, the machine employs a siren that not only deters criminals but also warns house inhabitants of an approaching break-in.

This door alarm has the added benefit of acting as a door jammer, which can assist discourage forceful entry when used with a solid door. Furthermore, it will provide one ample time to seek assistance or obtain a weapon to help them defend themselves.


  • Very easy to set up and use
  • Lightweight making it portable
  • It comes with an on and off button
  • Produces loud alarm


  • Not loud enough for large homes.

2. Apple Watch Series 6 – The Best SmartWatch on the Market

Due to technological advances, smartwatches not only indicate the time and can of course be used with a phone but may also do a variety of other functions. Apps can be downloaded to tablets just like they can on smartphones.

They also include touchscreens, which makes them more user-friendly for the elderly.

Elderly people love the Apple watch series 6 since it keeps track of their heart rate, medicines, and serves as an alarm clock and timer. It also has a big screen and a high quality, making it easier for the elderly to operate.

OLED screens are used for the display, and each pixel has its own lighting, resulting in a crisp and clear image. The Emergency SOS feature on smartphones is simple to use, making it ideal for the elderly. The heart rate of elders may be monitored and checked using these wearable devices, alerting family members or carers when it rises.

ECG recordings made by seniors utilizing this smartphone service aid in the diagnosis of atrial fibrillation. When left untreated, atrial fibrillation increases the risk of stroke and blood clots.


  • Full of great smart home features
  • One is capable of making emergency SOS international calls
  • It comes with an extra compass that makes navigation easier
  • Approved by FDA


  • Lacks sleep tracking
  • The lifespan of the battery can be too short for some

3. Best Hearing Aid by ONEBRIDGE

Hearing loss affects the majority of the elderly population. ONEBRIDGE Hearing Aids, on the other hand, ensure that the elderly have access to crystal-clear sound.

It’s a long-lasting hearing amplifier with a beautiful design and high-quality materials. This device’s small size makes it easy to transport, which is very beneficial for the elderly.

The adjustable amplification of this ONEBRIDGE Hearing Aid is a fantastic feature since it can be tailored to meet the needs of the user. One button controls up to three settings, making it simple to use. The elderly can hear sound clearly in a variety of settings thanks to the hearing aids’ four frequency modes and four loudness levels. Battery and charging cord included with ONEBRIDGE Hearing Aid.

Adjusting the ONEBRIDGE Hearing Aid has been deemed challenging by some users. The volume control could have been made a bit easier by connecting to a smartphone.


  • The package comes with a portable charger.
  • It is of ergonomic design and lightweight, making it very comfortable to use
  • It uses amplification mode, which you can easily adjust to ensure the volume is right.
  • Very durable thanks to the high-quality materials used


  • High possibility of hearing amplifiers screeching especially when they are close to metallic surfaces
  • Not possible to link it on your smartphone; this can also be seen as an advantage to keep things simple

4. August 3rd Generation Smart Lock – The Best Smart Lock For Elderly

When it comes to caring for the elderly, there is no better smart lock than August Smart Lock.

Most people trust it when caring for the elderly since it works with Amazon Alexa, Homekit/iPhone, and Google Assistant/Android.

It is also an excellent lock for the elderly since it can automatically lock or unlock a door in response to voice instructions.

It is possible to utilize virtual assistants such as keys to grant temporary access, enable auto-unlock and auto-lock based on the proximity of the device to your smartphone.

Installing this smart lock is simple, and you won’t need expert help to set it up. 

All that remains is to link it to the August Connect. The bridge you’ve built will allow you to switch the lock from Bluetooth to Wi-Fi, allowing you to lock and unlock it with your smartphone.

Some previous August Smart Lock owners found the initial purchase price expensive, however, this is easily made up by the long battery life.


  • Very easy to set up
  • Can work with Amazon Alexa, Homekit, and Google Assistant
  • You can use it with other compatible smart assistants
  • Possible to use virtual keys


  • Costly hence not suitable for people on a tight budget

5. Sagely Smart XL Pill Organizer – the best pill dispenser on the market

A pill dispenser is an ideal health gadget for senior citizens. Senior citizens are well-known for their proclivity for forgetfulness.

Taking medications on schedule is critical for any senior. When it comes to senior medication, one dependable tool is the Sagely Smart XL Pill Organizer.

The Sagely Smart XL Pill Organizer may hold a variety of medications prescribed by physicians. Due to the device’s tiny and lightweight design, it fits easily into a bag. The magnetic base of this pill organizer allows for the storage of big tablets such as calcium, vitamin D, and fish oil.

Thus, a useful tool for individuals who want a huge pill organizer to arrange their vitamins and prescriptions.

Utilizing this pill organizer is both enjoyable and simple. Utilize your finger to assist in pushing tablets from the lid to the container. For those with arthritis, opening the covers of this organizer is simple and quick.

The containers are transparent, allowing the user to easily determine the number of pills remaining within. The materials utilized to create this product are of the highest grade and are completely safe for consumption.

If you are an Android or Apple user, there is free reminder software that will assist seniors in remembering to take their medicine.

However, a few users claimed that the lids did not fully open.


  • It comes with easy to open lids
  • Made using high quality and food-safe material
  • Large enough for large pills
  • It comes with a 7-day weekly pillbox


  • Quite costly
  • Its covers do not open all way for some users

6. Bay Alarm Medical – The World’s Best Medical Alert System

Any older adult may confront a variety of difficulties, including medical and mobility concerns, that were not there previously. Investing in the appropriate medical alert devices enables the elderly’s mobility and medical conditions to be closely monitored.

Numerous caregivers and families with senior members select Bay Alarm Medical as an inexpensive and dependable medical alert system that is capable of saving lives and includes a fall detection feature.

One significant advantage of utilizing Bay Alarm Medical is that it is backed by a 24-hour, high-quality emergency medical alarm center.

Additionally, it has optional attachments such as a lockbox, wall button, and additional buttons for family members or spouses. Additionally, caregivers and families of the elderly can select GPS warning systems, fall detection, in-home, automobile medical alert, or in-home GPS package systems.

This package includes a caregiver tracking site, which enables elderly family members or carers to watch their loved ones’ movement and position on a map.

Additionally, individuals responsible for the elderly may configure geofencing, which enables the product to send notifications through email or SMS if the senior leaves the defined zone.

Despite its reliability as a fall detection device, several customers expressed dissatisfaction with the additional cost paid for the fall detection service.


  • There is no fee required for activation.
  • The emergency response center has a great response time
  • It comes with an extra protection layer
  • Has an appealing appearance


  • Customer service wait time is quite long
  • For fall detection service, one has to make an extra payment

7. Paramed Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor- Best BP Monitor 

A blood pressure monitor is one of the most important smart home devices that any caregiver or family member caring for an elderly person cannot afford to overlook.

It aids in determining an aged person’s health state. Pulse rate and blood pressure are essential components that must be monitored often.

When it comes to the manufacture of blood pressure gadgets, Paramed is a reputable and trusted name. The Paramed automated wrist blood pressure monitor is one of the company’s best-performing gadgets.

With these intelligent home helpers, you can ensure that your pulse rate and blood pressure are being monitored without seeing a doctor.

Tracking a dip or rise in blood pressure is critical since it will alert you to any significant health problems that the elderly may be experiencing.

It is an inexpensive, straightforward, and simple-to-use mobile gadget for blood pressure monitoring. Caregivers only click a button, and accurate findings will appear within 30 seconds. The big display makes it simple to read the findings.

One does not need to lift the old hand or squint in order to see the display well. Additionally, the findings will be kept for 90 days, allowing one to monitor their senior blood pressure for an extended period of time.

Apart from the output, this gadget will always display the current date and time.

A fantastic feature of this blood pressure monitor is its ability to detect the heart rhythm. This is critical since it will aid in the detection of any sort of arrhythmia. Arrhythmias assist in identifying a damaged or weak heart. The product comes packaged in a case that keeps it safe and convenient to carry.

Individuals with vision impairments were dissatisfied with the absence of a voice function. The battery cover may feel loose and may require tapping to secure it in place.


  • Produces accurate results within 30 seconds
  • It comes with a carrying case for easy storage and carrying
  • It is FDA approved
  • Quite affordable, making it an excellent option for people on a tight budget


  • It comes with a loose battery cover
  • It lacks a voice feature

8. Philips Hue 548487 A19 Bulb – Best Smart Light Blub

The elderly will need some light to read or carry out some of their specific activities.  One smart light you can always count on is the Philips Hue 548487 A19 Bulb.

This smart light bulb is in a pack of four, making it possible to set their homes up. It works well with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Alexa.

Setting up or replacing this smart bulb is very simple.

No need to hire a professional to help install it. However, you will have to download the Philips Hue app and will have access to every light bulb, and be in a position of controlling the lights independently after pairing the devices.

With this app, you can be sure of getting all types of information you can require.

It has a voice control feature that enables the elderly to change lighting settings right from their seat. In addition, Philips Hue is compatible with other lighting systems like motion sensors and dimmer switches.

Most people prefer these Philips Hue 548487 bulbs since they are very durable and have a life span of over 20 years. In addition, the LED is energy efficient, and the bulb can retain the same light levels whenever you turn them on.


  • It comes with a two year warranty period
  • It has a voice control feature
  • The package comes with four bulbs
  • It has a life span of over 20 years


  • It needs an extra hub which is not included in the package

9. Echo Show (2nd Gen) – Best Smart Speaker for the Elderly

The Echo Show is an excellent smart device speaker for the elderly as it allows them to conduct their tasks without being technology gurus.  The product comes with a large display screen and Amazon Alexa, which is in-built.

Despite this Echo Show not having the most appealing design, it comes with a touchscreen that dominates the fascia with its speakers and ports well tucked in. In addition, there are wide bezels around the display screen.

The bezel’s top has a camera with two microphones on its side. There are four more microphones below the jacket made from fabric. This smart speaker is available in white and black colors.

It has an excellent audio speaker while Alexa is always ready to react to the voice commands. The elderly can watch their favorite programs. They can put their memories on display by using Alexa and Amazon photos.

In case you have invested in the Amazon ecosystem or like smart homes, this Echo Show will be a great accessory for you.


  • It comes with a large display screen
  • The audio speaker is of great quality
  • Have a total of 8 microphones
  • Compatible with Alexa


  • Reasonably expensive for people on a tight budget


10. LEVOIT 131S Smart Air Purifier for Seniors

The elderly benefit greatly from clean, high-quality air. Investing in the appropriate air purifier will guarantee that the senior has clean, pure, and allergen-free air that is safe for their health.

The LEVOIT 131S smart air purifier is one device you can rely on.

Because the LEVOIT 131S smart air purifier is compatible with Google Home Assistant and Alexa, the elderly may always adjust their settings using voice commands.

It is not necessary to utilize a smart plug. All they need is a smartphone to manage air purifiers from their seats.

This smart air purifier is compatible with the Vesync App, which includes functions such as air quality display, direct control, and filter life.

Its purifying speed is 30% quicker than other cleaners on the market, and it is 30% more efficient than other cleaners. The elderly will be safe from chain smokers and the litter box as a result of this.

Because it can remove up to 99.97 percent of pollen, mold, pet dander, and hazardous dust, the LEVOIT 131S smart air purifier is a great choice for allergic and elderly individuals.


  • It has a large filter surface
  • Can be connected to Wi-Fi
  • It has a 30% faster purifier speed
  • Compatible with Vesync App


  • Lacks a child lock
  • There is no pre-filter

Buyers Guide: Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Senior Smart Home Device s

Purchasing the best safety device for the elderly is never easy. There are many factors you will have to consider apart from the price and quality.

This section will be looking at essential factors you should prioritize when in the market for the best safety device for the elderly.

Ease of installation 

Some safety devices need expert installation, while others are simple to install. Safety devices that require professional installation will necessitate the hiring of professionals to install them.

This might take time, which can be inconvenient for you and the elderly. However, opting for a senior safety device that you can install yourself can save you money and allow you to put it up in a matter of minutes.

Smart home technology

Anyone will want a safety device for their seniors that offers the latest technology like home automation and cellular monitoring and are easy to use.

Some seniors are unfamiliar with using smartphones; hence, you must favor systems that offer different control options. For example, using voice control is easier than navigating smartphone apps.

The elderly can arm or disarm their security or lighting systems using voice assistant smart speakers without getting up.

Detection devices and sensors 

Seniors can choose from a wide range of smart home technology devices to help them in detecting and preventing dangers.

Most of the safety devices for seniors come with window/door sensors and motion sensors that are important for detecting intrusions.

You should always settle on a device that can work with outdoor and indoor cameras, glass break sensors, and video doorbells.

Apart from ensuring the seniors are in good health, you must protect them from hazards like carbon monoxide, smoke, frozen pipes, and flooding.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you settle on devices that have flood sensors, smoke alarms, temperature or freeze detectors, and CO detectors.

Help Is Available 

Investing in the proper safety equipment will guarantee that the elderly receive the assistance they require as soon as possible. When the sensors go off, medical alarm firms may instantly deploy paramedics or police.

These monitoring systems, however, do have monthly costs. If you are unable to make monthly payments, you may choose to consider investing in safety systems that can send email, text, or notifications to family members, relatives, or caretakers.

The safety device systems will notify emergency contacts in the event of a medical emergency, incursion, or break-in.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it necessary for elders to be monitored using security systems? 

Seniors, like young folks, require security measures. Burglars have broken into the houses of the elderly in certain situations. The security system also aids in the monitoring of the elderly, who are prone to medical problems.

A security system will also allow the elderly to see who is visiting them from their seat and decide whether or not to let them in.

How can I ensure the house is safety-proof for the elderly?

You’ll need to make certain that all of the stairs, corridors, and walkways are well illuminated and free of obstructions such as shoes or books.

At the top and bottom of the steps, make sure there are no carpets on the landing or on the landing itself. For example, have all of the rugs been tacked down to the floor to keep them from shifting when the elderly walk on them?

Why is it necessary for the elderly to wear smartwatches in the first place? 

As people get older, they will wish to preserve their independence as much as possible. The smartwatch or other wearable device is one piece of technology that you can rely on at all times.

The smartwatches will allow you to measure your heart rate and mobility, as well as communicate with family members or carers, as well as call for help from emergency services.

Is it feasible for the elderly to integrate medical alert devices into home security systems to ensure their safety? 

Yes, if the elderly person agrees to integration, their medical alert system can be connected to the security system as well.

These wirelessly connected gadgets assist caretakers in notifying them when it is time for the elderly to take their prescriptions.

Additionally, there are alarm companies that provide security systems as well as personal emergency response services.

In the event that your security system is unable to communicate with your medical alert system, you can always request that the alarm company provides you with items that are suitable for the elderly.

What is the most effective method of monitoring the elderly at home? 

It may be worthwhile to consider purchasing a home security system that offers remote access through a smartphone app.

You may then watch the elderly from wherever you are by installing a security system app on your smartphone, which allows you to be aware of their status at any given time.


When shopping for a safety device for the elderly and senior citizens it’s important to consider accessibility and simplicity as criteria. The fact that you prefer gadgets that are simple to set up and simple to use is also essential.

If you want any clarification or have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us or ask questions below.


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